Our Outsourcing Updates!

Offshore process is currently working on offshore staffing     process with Euorpean customer to set up their business unit in     India by allocating fulltime employees to work remotely in Indian     facility.

We have started new data conversion project with US based     firm where we are assisting customer on daily basis with fulltime     data entry operators dedicated to the offshore company.

Offshore process has entered in to new ongoing Image clipping     path process with deliverying files within 24 Hrs as per the     guidelines of customer.

Recently offshore process has completed digitization of bulk     paper drawings in to CAD format.


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Do you have the 2D Drawings or 3D Models needs photo realistic look, Offshoreprocess can assist you with High Quality Rendering Services.

At Offshore Process, we provide diverse rendering solutions to our customers to meet their specific needs. We specialise in various fields of rendering services. We offer solutions in 3D rendering services, product rendering services, architectural rendering services, interior rendering services, exterior rendering services, mechanical rendering services, product animation and Photorealistic rendering services. We have a team of diverse and highly skilled technical people who are able to provide solutions in quick time and solutions are also cost-effective with high-quality.

3D rendering services are helpful in visualising the buildings that are going to be built. We also apply 3D rendering services to

   Residential Buildings

   Commercial Buildings

   Industrial Buildings

Our architectural rendering services helps to view interiors for various architectural buildings like office, commercial complex, house etc.

We also offer rendering services for

   Exterior view of all types of buildings

   Custom or modular furniture


   Landscaping Designing

   Structural Models

We specialise in 3D Interior and 3D Exterior rendering services. 3D interior services are used for visualising interiors of any building like office, living house or commercial complexes where as 3D exterior rendering services are used for external visualisation of buildings and structures. Our specialised services of 3D interiors are in the areas of

   Office rooms



   Bed Room

   Living Room

We also work on mechanical product rendering services where we develop photorealistic 3D model for clients based on their drawings/concept/views/sketches or through reference images. Once we also have the capability to do the product animation based on 3D models. Rendered output can be used in:

1. Broachure

2. Website

3. Presentation

And many more areas where it will be appropriate to demonstrate the product. We work on latest rendering technology so you can expect high quality output moreover photorealistic images.

You can feel free to send your input files so based on that we develop high quality renderings or animation. Please get in touch with us at: info@offshoreprocess.com

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Outsource 3d Rendering -Offshoreprocess                 
Outsource 3d Rendering - Offshoreprocess
 3d Rendering Services- Offshoreprocess
"I would like to thank offshore Process team for their excellent assistance with the design and
development of several of my projects.I was able to go from rough sketches to 3D CAD models and Iam now working on functional prototypes with the support of offshore process team.The work from Indian team was affordable and timely, helping me to create results. I look forward to working with them again on future projects."
Tracy McSheery, VP,
PhaseSpace, USA
"It was always a pleasure to work with your team - straight forward, easy and fast. If you
need any graphics or Image editing services to be done I just can recommend Offshore Process."
Alex Kostler, CEO
Myprinting, Germany
"Thank you for your services. Your work in all aspects was very professional and very effective."
Beau Bruderlin, Director
Inrhythm, Australia
"Excellent service provided by Offshore Process company. Used them several times in
the past with no complaints. Attentive and willing to go the extra mile. Will use them again in the future. Highly recommended"
Gregory Francois, Head
Armorteria LLC, USA
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